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We provide expert services and the know-how to help you quickly implement and automate your business process.

Business Benefits of Managed Applications


■ Uptime Guarantee and Application Availablity: With Managed Applications, Forceda Systems offers close to 100% application up-time guarantee as per SLAs signed with the customer. Having close to 100% up-time assures that your business processes and related applications are always available. Hence there is zero disruption of your business operations. 


■ Optimized Application Deployment: Our team provides valuable insight into the application performance and stability. Using these insights, the customer can optimize the application as per their business environment using techniques such as database tuning, operating system hardening and select patch management. 

■ Peace of Mind: The entire application is managed by Forceda experts crew on a 24x7 mode that allows our team to identify and respond to issues immediately. You get peace of mind assurance from our team. You can focus on your core business while Forceda Systems takes care of your applications.

Typical area of applications are given below. 

IT Service Management

Whether it is for internal or external IT Service Management, you will need an IT service software that collects all IT service requests in one single system – transparently and accessible for all IT staff members – and thus making the reply a lot easier and clearer.  If required, this software should  furthermore be able to support ITIL conform working processes, such as Service Asset & Configuration Management, Knowledge Management and Change Management . Our platform meets both requirements in the most flexible way, without creating unnecessary complexity or limitations of any kind. Thanks to the ITIL® V3 compliant OTRS::ITSM Module, you can step by step establish ITIL processes in your organization and also reverse their implementation later, just as you like – without having to change the software dramatically. Besides ITIL conformity, Forceda's software also offers a lot of helpful features that will make your IT service management work much more efficiently, while giving you a better overview and increasing the satisfaction of your internal or external customers.

Customer Service

In a market where competition grows fiercer every day and where the actual differences in services from competing providers are often negligible, satisfied final customers whose needs are met in record time can be the defining feature that sets you apart from the crowd. The ideal customer service software has to be easy to use and access by the final customer, and efficient and resource-saving for you and your employees. OTRS as your customer service software meets all of these challenges and can be adapted seamlessly to your work processes. In addition, the lack of licensing costs and the fact that with our cloud-based version you don’t need internal IT know-how or services allows you to significantly reduce costs without compromising quality

Facility Management

A field as diverse as Facility Management needs a flexible and extendable software to support different actions and workflows. However, the most important pivot is transparent and efficient communication with customers in case of incidents, as well as car pool and key management. The OTRS  as a Facility Management Ticket System offers a range of functionalities to structure tasks more effectively and support them with intelligent automatizations, increasing the quality of your services.

Human Resources

Today’s HR departments see themselves as service providers for their company’s management and teams. However, the expertise and services of any HR department are crucial at a much earlier stage, namely during the recruiting of new employees and the onboarding process. In this sense, transparent internal and external communication together with perfect documentation and audit-proof storage are fundamental. Popular HR Management tools tend to be insufficiently service-oriented and are expensive. The OTRS helps HR departments professionalize their applicant management process effectively and at a much lower cost, providing continual support in all areas of employee management, such as the handling of sick notes and requests for leave.

Call Centers

Call centers are under constant pressure to deliver fast and professional customer support to a high number of customers every day. Incoming customer requests need to be answered as quickly as possible, and the staff should be able to operate at full capacity without being overburdened. This can be achieved without purchasing any expensive industry software by using a customer support software such as OTRS. The OTRS supports you with many additional, freely selectable features to improve the quality of your customer service and to reduce your costs immediately.

Document Menagment

Ever increasing volumes of data require that companies find efficient solutions for processing, coordinating, releasing and documenting all this information. However, document management is not an end in itself and should always be subordinate to the associated workflows. Be it law firms, government offices, insurance companies or the marketing and sales departments of any company in any branch: they all require a high degree of transparency in the coordination and approval of documents, as well as a system for collecting and storing data that is audit-proof and clearly understandable. OTRS used as a document workflow management software makes it possible to organize these processes in perfect harmony and can be tuned exactly to your needs.

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